BRAND: A Second Coming

BRAND: A Second Coming


Lightning In A Bottle on MAY 21

Sydney Film Festival on June 11 & 12

LA Film Fest on JUNE 17

The Reviews Are In!

“Every absolutely fascinating” - YAHOO
“Fantastic, funny and provocative...” - AintItCool
“Entertaining and...funny” - VARIETY

“Timoner... [is]... the perfect person to track Brand’s ambitions, contradictions, and self-described martyrdom” - INDIEWIRE
“Jolting… Invigorating… Ground-shifting… It’s a brilliant go-for-it thing” - HOLLYWOOD-ELSEWHERE

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BRAND: A Second Coming follows comedian/author/activist Russell Brand as he dives headlong into drugs, sex and fame in an attempt to find happiness, only to realize we have all been nurtured on bad ideas and empty celebrity idols. Brand leaves Los Angeles to embark on a stand up comedy tour about his own true icons - Gandhi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X and Jesus Christ - and transforms from addict and Hollywood star into an unexpected political disruptor and newfound hero to the underserved. Having successfully rebranded himself into a cultural icon for growing leagues of followers, he is also a subject of ridicule in many forums and never out of the headlines. As he uses the Internet to take on mainstream media and mobilize the masses to awaken and rise up against inequality, award-winning director Ondi Timoner (DIG!, WE LIVE IN PUBLIC), explores whether the narcissism and ego central to all his heroes are vital to Brand maintaining his mission, and questions if he can break out of the very system that built him the platform upon which he speaks. BRAND: A SECOND COMING ultimately questions the contradictions behind Brand’s drive to overthrow the current sociopolitical system with a revolution of consciousness, and the relationship between consumerism & our own exploitation at a time when we must choose to make an internal switch, if we are to make it at all.